The Four Horton's Page

*** Update September 2004 ***  Well, they have done it again.  We have moved to Alabama!

Welcome to our web page.  We designed this page for all those people who have wanted to see the things that we have seen over the years in all our many traveling places.  So this web site is dedicated to all those people and to those who just want to browse our site. We now call Idaho home, but who knows where home will when the military decides to say "You're moving again!"

Well, we have moved to Alabama and bought a home in Prattville outside Montgomery. 

The four of us at the Grand Canyon Christmas 2002

Calvin gettin' friendly with the locals down in Florida.  The good life!!!  He was supposed to sit on one of the benches, but just crawled up onto her lap like he belonged there.


Chris' (old) gorgeous clean truck.